Pioneer Lacrosse Camps and our coaching staff aim to teach and cultivate three areas of character and athletic development:  Head, Heart, and Harmony

HEAD:  There are an increasing number of lacrosse camps around the nation providing more games and less useful instruction.  Our camps try to find the balance between live play and teaching segments.  Both are important to player development.  Our expert staff aims to prepare each camper for his respective next level of lacrosse competition.  In addition to on-field teaching, our camps include instruction in weightlifting, speed and agility training, nutrition, and preparing for the recruiting process.

HEART:  The rapidly growly number of youth and high school lacrosse players has made our sport more competitive than ever.  This increased level of competition has made it necessary for players to be equipped with the skills and knowledge that will help them standout.  The easiest way to standout to evaluators is to display a consistent effort on the field and in the classroom.  Our high-energy staff emphasizes displaying an intense effort in every session, drill, and game.  Effort is often the attribute that separates champions and contenders.     

HARMONY:  The importance of having positive interactions with peers and elders is often lost on players, but those interactions are keenly observed by evaluators of all levels.  Coaches, admissions counselors, and employers want to recruit people with positive attitudes and demeanors.  Our camps aim to provide instruction and growth in a fun and positive environment.  Our hope is that our positive style of teaching will help to instill the importance of positivity in each camper.

By combining elements of Head, Heart, and Harmony in everyday life, players give themselves the tools to become successful leaders and student-athletes.

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